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Leave repair and maintenance of construction machines and heavy machines of various manufacturers to us!
SKY staff will repair and maintain your machines with high technical skills.


We handle carry-in repairing of your machines, repairing attachments, production of hydraulic hoses, special inspections, etc. regardless of the manufacture. Please feel free to contact us.

SH200 Bucket mounting pin bolt tightening work ③.jpg
Engine noise check.jpg

A trouble on site? In such a case, please call us right away!
Construction machinery specialists will rush to the site to fix your problems, such as track shoes coming off, overheating, and engine malfunction.
We will minimize the suspending time for your convenience. 

Service car⑤.JPG
Hose ③.PNG

Service car

Examples of machines we handle

  • Hydraulic excavator

  • Mini excavator

  • Excavator

  • Bulldozer

  • Wheel loader

  • Road roller

  • Crane

  • Forklift

  • Dump truck

  • Aerial work vehicle

  • Tire roller

  • Road machinery

  • Vibratory Rollers

  • Other

  • ハンドガイドローラー

  • その他

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.

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